When Life Gives Lemons, Make Zest

The mindset that will drive positive outcomes on the other side of the pandemic.

In a post-pandemic world, there will be much to do and plenty to change to ensure that our organisations recover, bounce back or, hopefully, continue to thrive.

The good news is that there is a way of thinking and behaving that will make it easier for your business to come out the other side with great potential for high-performance.

Imagine a more positive workplace, where staff are optimistic, motivated, stable, resilient, courageous and confident. It’s all possible, and it can be achieved via one thing: Zest.

With more Zest, you can improve your own quality of life, yield better outcomes in business and your personal life – and do the same for your staff. I have seen time and again just how great an impact Zest has on delivering positive results.

Comprised of several different aspects, Zest is not just a mindset, but a culture too. It is a winning combination of positivity and optimism, motivation, resilience and confidence, and it will make all the difference to you and to the staff you lead.

But you can’t fake it ‘til you make it.

To truly have Zest, you must accept its impact, and then forget all about it. Focusing on acquiring Zest or feigning its presence in your day-to-day will get you nowhere; it’s only by practising certain behaviours that it will become real.

These behaviours are the things that will eventually manifest in Zest, and make a huge difference in your workplace if encouraged there too.

As is so often the case for CEOs and business leaders, achieving success is tied up with positive thinking and it is therefore crucial that you ensure your conditioning is positive if you want to have more Zest that manifests itself in your personal and working life too.

The more positives you put into your life, the more positives will come out (Zest being one very attractive outcome). As you would expect, it will require effort on your part, but the balance you will achieve as a result will certainly be worth it.


How do you cultivate Zest at home and at work?

Exercising those four areas that manifest in Zest – positivity and optimism, motivation, resilience and confidence – will make all the difference.

Positivity and optimism

Reframing negative past experiences will contribute towards genuine positivity in the present. Likewise, by homing in on the positive things in your current environment, you’ll find you become more solutions-oriented, which can in turn lead to your expecting positive outcomes to future challenges too.

Resilience and confidence

By building resilience, you will find yourself able to push through potential setbacks instead of letting them throw you off-course.

By leading with grace and encouraging an open workplace, you will instill courage and improved self-esteem, and help staff to have more faith in their abilities. In other words, you will create confidence around you while you yourself become more confident.

The end result? A Zest culture and a positive workforce that will be able to come out the other side of a world pandemic fighting.

In our founder, Graham’s, book, Positive Leaders, Positive Change, Zest and its defining characteristics are explored in much greater detail, with several exercises that you can do to condition your brain towards a more positive way of thinking.

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