Why Grace?

If I’m going to be really honest, when we first read the research our Grace model is based on we didn’t realise what we’d found. The idea that our emotional impact on others is the key to influencing them is so powerful & simple it ought to be self evident. The fact that it’s full import didn’t dawn on me for some time, years in fact, is testament that we’re just not programmed that way.

Although the idea does resonate once it’s explained to us, most people have never put that idea into words. And if we’re honest, creating positive emotions in the person we’re trying to influence is often the farthest thing from our minds. We’re usually too concerned with the emotions they’re creating in us!

How easy is it to care for someone’s emotions when they’re filling us with frustration, impatience or anxiety? Even when their mood impact on us is positive – happiness, desire, praise – it’s that we are aware of, not what’s going on in them.

I’m generalising of course, focusing on others is more natural for some than the rest. And for those of us of a certain age it is only a small development of what our parents tried to teach us about how to behave.

That’s all true, but the power and simplicity of Grace is awesome. In a world where psychologists & consultants love to invent complexity, I am inspired by such a pure concept.

You want people to follow you? Then make them feel valued, inspired, safe, special…not criticised, less important than you, threatened or embarrassed.

You want to sell me something? Boost my self worth, show me you’re interested in my needs not yours, respect my decision process instead of telling me what I should think, value my time don’t bore or frustrate me, give me the level of detail I need not what you prefer.

You want to team with me? Let me know you care about my outcomes, trust me, value my affectionate respect. Don’t make me feel less than you, a rival, manipulated or irrelevant.

Easy isn’t it?

But Why Grace is the title I put on this post. Its a word with many meanings, all relevant.

Grace is about elegance, unconditional love, gratitude, selflessness, being blessed, economy of action, generosity of spirit.

And power.

That’s why 🙂

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