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Maximising Exit Values

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July 19th 2022, 10:00 BST


Boosting exit & rollover values with psychology-based interventions can be game-changing.

And the sooner one starts the better.

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We are simplifiers – so we like to find simple powerful truths that cut to the heart of the matter.

And we’re only interested in proven ideas not speculation – so we like evidence from replicated peer-reviewed research.

Putting those two principles together uncovers interesting approaches for addressing many of the massive challenges companies are currently facing in our series of Masterclasses: “What Works Now”.

This month’s topic is how to maximise exit and rollover valuations. Whether you’re a scaling entrepreneur or an established company, current psychology has some new break-through techniques.


We’d love you to join us.

Because we’ll be explaining how optimising your team’s psychology can make a game-changing improvement to both the profits and multiple used in valuing you business.

We all know that exit values are calculated as a multiple of profits. Some investors use other methods, like discounted cashflow and revenue multiples, but the classic go-to is EBITDA x Price Earnings Ratio (PER). Maximising exit values is about improving both.

The PER or multiple is a judgement call made by investors, not science. It is based on a number of factors.

Obviously you can’t easily change some of these factors (sector, employment market, macro market conditions, historical financials). Others you can affect over time, particularly with improved financial results (debt levels, intangibles like brands, distribution networks, partnerships).

I’m most interested in factors affecting both the multiple & EBITDA that contemporary psychology can help you improve rapidly and substantially:

  • Quality of earnings

  • Growth in revenues and profits

  • Operating margins

  • Talent attraction & retention

And in improving sales – June’s What Works Now masterclass covered this in detail – our average achievement in this area is 57% sales improvement within a year using an approach research showed to improve account sales by up to 667% and conquest dales by 123%.

Our approach blending culture, leadership and engagement efforts into a single high performance Ethos not is not only currently protecting our clients from the worst attrition and staff shortages we’ve seen since WW2, it’s enabling them to release additional discretionary effort that research has estimated to improve productivity by 30%.

We’ll be going over how to pull all this together into a game-changing strategy for not only exceeding previous ideas of target exit values, but in getting there faster.


It’s never too early to start preparing. Whether you’re pre-funding or already at the point where your investors are planning to rotate their position.

Fast acting, game-changing results

You could join us on July 19th to learn about how the right strategy can make a transformational impact on sales, profits, and your likely multiple, thereby maximising exit values for you & your shareholders.

This masterclass will be delivered by our founder & CEO Graham Keen


A leading expert in business-specific positive psychology, a management science & business psychology author, and a 30-year entrepreneur, Graham also has over twenty-five years experience driving cultural and performance change.

Added to his 20 years as a CFO and corporate finance practitioner, this brings a unique combination of skills that give him matchless understanding of corporate profitability, revenue growth, leadership, engagement, high-performance culture and wellbeing.

Graham’s energy, warmth, passion, and empathy mean he has mastered the art of telling surprising and uncomfortable truths in a way that inspires acceptance and ignites action. Many of his insights, techniques, and successes can be found in his best-selling book ‘Positive Leaders, Positive Change: Game-changing psychological insights into maximising profitability and wellbeing’.

“In his ground-breaking book, Graham Keen sets out a comprehensive approach to realising the full potential of companies and the individuals who lead them… I have seen his approach in action and have adopted many of his teachings in my own career; as such, I have no hesitation in recommending him”

Guy Munnoch, Chairman at Hitachi Capital UK PLC and Nedbank Insurance

Everyone who attends the briefing will receive their choice of a paperback or e-book copy with our compliments.


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