The power of positivity: it’s never been so important!

2020 hasn’t got off to the greatest of starts.  Business owners, CEOs and directors all over the world have something new and rather big to worry about, and Coronavirus has already stopped some businesses in their tracks altogether.  But it’s not just profits and turnover that you might be worrying about; most people are also dealing with very valid fears concerning their own health and that of their families.  If one thing’s for certain, positivity has never been so important as it is in this current climate.

There are so many reasons why.

Not only have thousands upon thousands of studies shown that positivity improves our lives in several areas, from our relationships and creativity to our productivity and sales, but it benefits our physical health too.

And at a time when you might feel like you can’t do too much to push productivity in your business or increase sales, that’s incredibly important.

There’s plenty of indisputable evidence out there that demonstrates the physical benefits of positivity. You might be surprised by some of them.

As you might expect, positivity helps prevent clinical depression and lowers blood pressure, but it can also improve mobility after retirement age, give you a stronger immune system and increase your pain threshold too.

According to one study in particular, you could add as many as nine extra years to your life expectancy by practising positivity.

So now, at this time when we need more positivity than ever in our lives, are you going to grab the opportunity to make change and become an optimist?

It might even sound like a daunting prospect, when every headline starts “Coronavirus this” or “pandemic that” and the news makes for bleak reading.

But a true optimist isn’t in standstill. They have a dynamic relationship with their environment. They don’t just “take the positives” from a situation, but they proactively push the positives onto it and onto other people too.

And that means that even something so huge as coronavirus doesn’t get in the way of their outlook.

Yes, without doubt there are huge problems facing many business owners during this pandemic.

But there are seeds of opportunity too.

By practising positivity, anyone can become an optimist; one who finds those seeds, plants them and nurtures them into a different outcome. Maybe not the outcome they expected right at the start of 2020, but certainly one that they won’t regret.

That’s why I do what I do, to help you become an optimist with a positive mindset that can change your business and your life and help you thrive during turbulent times like these.

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