To stand out you need to say what you stand for.

It’s not enough to do a great job anymore. With so much data about people available on the web, we are getting increasingly used to knowing about candidate employees in a more rounded way.

Equally we are swamped by the huge choice of potential supplier partners, and we need a way to choose. We are so likely to be overwhelmed that we often turn away from change and stick with what we know. It can seem like making an informed change is too much effort. Or that there’s too much anxiety associated with missing something while doing so. Hence B2C comparison websites that purport to take the pain of that away. (Too many of them – so now we worry about which comparison site is the best!).

To help people decide whether to appoint you as a supplier, tell them more about your values and interests. Give them a decider, tell them your why (as Simon Sinek would say).

In order to decide if you’re worth recruiting, promoting, or following as a leader, tell people what lights your fire, what are you for, not just what you do.

So I’m suggesting you develop your personal or corporate Declaration Of Purpose. By way of illustration, and to practise what I’m preaching, here’s ours…


“Transforming Business Performance and Boosting Human Wellbeing

Our purpose is to help build top performing companies that are led by resonant leadership teams who go beyond empowerment into emancipation.

We stand for organisational cultures that are grounded in admirable values, are both agile and nimble, and above all revere human beings. We exist to inspire, support and develop businesses that are achieving exemplary financial performance, creating superior returns for their shareholders and employees, and delivering excellence to their partners and customers.

We passionately believe this can only be made possible by ensuring their people choose to own outcomes and share the corporate goals, which they see as congruent with their own.

Our goal is to maximise the number of people who are happy, resilient, kind, socially responsible and have excellent self-esteem. We are here to champion and promote the knowledge that hopeful, positive, grounded optimists are essential for happiness and success.

We advocate a business ethos where everyone has the confidence and courage to appropriately hold themselves and others to account with love and strength.

We consider it axiomatic that everyone from C-level to sea-level has the right to feel rewarded by their job, to be deeply engaged with their role and company, fulfilled in their personal life, and to feel in control of their outcomes. We are all entitled to a deep belief in, and the freedom to commit to delivering, the future of our choice.

Our objective is a business world where mastering wellbeing, behavioural change and helplessness is the accepted norm. Where embracing responsibility for managing our own psychology, releasing our full potential, and impacting others emotions positively, are ubiquitous values and universal moral obligations”.


So if ever there was any doubt in your mind, now you know what we are for. Which of course is entirely the point. No-one who reads that can be unclear as to the sort of organisation we are, what we bring to our clients, and the goals our future clients want help with.

An authentic declaration of purpose helps square pegs into square holes, and helps round pegs stay securely on the round side of the street.

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