Why Do People Say That Happiness Is A Choice?

Sounds judgmental to say that happiness is a choice.

Because those of us that are experiencing a lack of happiness in our lives don’t feel like that is what we are choosing. What psychologists mean when they say that happiness is a choice is that we know quite a lot about what people can do to be able to improve their set level of happiness if they choose to do it. But of course one of the massive challenges with that is that when we are the least happy and need to do the most about transforming our level of happiness we are the least motivated to do so.

Because any sort of negative emotion destroys our motivation.

So although it’s tough to say that happiness is a choice there’s some validity in it, but I do not subscribe to any of the judgmental background of that. What I do with people who ask for my help when they are unhappy is teach them that getting happiness as an outcome, a desired outcome is about making sure that you make the inputs that will deliver happiness and you make the inputs that will destroy depression and anxiety.

So it may be tough to say that happiness is a choice much better to put it this way: happiness is something that can be improved by the informed intervention of the individual themselves.

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