What Is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology really started in 1995 when the man who is now known as the father of Positive Psychology was in the garden with his 5 year old daughter and she said to him, “Daddy, do you remember how last year I had to learn to stop whining, well that was the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do. So, Daddy, if I can stop whining please can you stop being such a grouch.”

And that got Martin Seligman thinking. He was the President of the American Psychological Association and arguably the most eminent Psychologist in the world. He’d just been voted as one of the 6 most important psychologists in history. And he recognised that his 5 year old daughter had taught him a lesson which is that he was negative and he was pessimistic.
What had happened to Psychology?

At that point Marty Seligman resolved to become just as big a world authority on happiness as he was on depression at the time. And that meant that he needed to found a new branch of psychology with is called Positive Psychology.

Positive Psychology started as the science of Happiness and as we have learnt more and more about it and as thousands of universities and academics around the world have marched into this huge movement which is changing the way human beings think about themselves, it’s changing our views on leadership, on salesmanship, on how we should organise ourselves as a society, and what values people should bring to their lives and to the lives of the corporations that they work for.
As that massive impact has grown Positive Psychology has defined itself as a movement and set itself one goal and that is: to increase human well being.

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