Growth or PTSD

There are more positive psychology coaches in the U.S. Army than there are in the whole of the United Kingdom and we’ve got to ask ourselves why.

It’s because one of the greatest achievements of positive psychology is in helping people become more resilient.

Positivity builds resilience and resilience, it turns out, is what makes the difference between post-traumatic stress disorder and post-traumatic growth when a person’s been through a traumatic experience like the battlefield.

So in business, when people have gone through a protracted period of anxiety and stress because of tough business conditions, resilience makes the difference between people who will gather their strength and push forward and find a way of succeeding through that,

and people who are crushed by it and whose performance is actually ruined by it.

So resilience makes the difference between the organisations that are going to win through in the current uncertainty in U.K. business and organisations that are not.

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