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Guaranteed Goal Setting

Outcome goals kill motivation and destroy performance because along the way there comes a point when you perceive that that goal is unachievable.

Why Training Doesn’t Work

A lot of professional L&D functions get very frustrated by the fact that typically 40% of people buying into an L&D initiative is a good result.

Owning Your Outcomes

Human beings are all learned helpless. Learned helplessness destroys our motivation. The good news is that helplessness is a perception and not fact.

Why Success Follows Happiness

One of my favourite misconceptions is that success will make you happy.

They Hear What Lands Not What You Said

Have you ever had something that you've said be taken the wrong way? If this was a leadership interaction, it failed.

Why Developing A Mindfulness Routine Will Help You In Business

It's interesting how psychological concepts come in and out of fashion and right now mindfulness is right up there.

Bad Habits in Stars Cause Damage

You cannot afford to tolerate bad habits in your stars or weakness in your leaders; both do harm.

Why Do People Say That Happiness Is A Choice?

Happiness is something that can be improved by the informed intervention of the individual themselves.

Mastery In Leadership is Simple

All the leadership technique in the world is worthless without resonance. When people experience positive emotions as a reaction to you, they listen.

Three Parts of One Ethos in Synergy

It's a mistake to treat leadership, culture, and engagement as separate issues. They are three facets of one indivisible ethos.

Employee Engagement Has A Bigger Impact On Productivity Than Anything Else

Employee engagement has a bigger impact on productivity than anything else you can measure.

Actions Top Words

Authenticity is essential if you want to deliver superior financial performance through improved discretionary effort.

Engagement Surveys Can Muddy The Water

Not all engagement surveys are fit for purpose. Engagement leads to increased discretionary effort, which in turn, boosts profitability.

Cultures Don’t Change People Do

If your culture change initiative is not working, you're not doing it right. The good news is there's a simple fix.

People or Profit? It’s A No Brainer

There is no conflict between maximising profits and treating your people well. The evidence is overwhelming.

3% Negative Trumps 97% Positive

Being 97% respectful and resonant simply doesn't cut it. The 3% negativity means that your followers can never fully relax.

Authority Isn’t Leadership It’s The Opposite

Authority is not the same thing as leadership. Authority, seniority, and position are nothing more than opportunities to become a leader.

Why Resilience Matters for Leadership

Resilience is a massively important feature of successful leadership, particularly if you want to be a resonant leader.

Two Tips To Maximise Profit

Positive leaders make more money. The combination of individual resilience and personal diligence allows leaders to yield nearly 500% more EBITDA.

Drop Leadership Technique Grasp Resonance

Being a resonant leader takes resolute strength as well as kindness.

What Is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology has defined itself as a movement and set itself one goal and that is: to increase human well being.

Growth or PTSD

There are more positive psychology coaches in the U.S. Army than there are in the whole of the United Kingdom and we’ve got to ask ourselves why.

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