New Impetus Platinum Accelerator

Our 8-month strategic intervention

New Impetus Platinum

Designed for entrepreneurs, executives and leaders at all levels, this 8-month rapid, strategic blended-learning programme combines seven one-day live or live-online classes, followed by one 1-2-1 mentoring session, and includes a year’s access to our video-based online learning portal.

Platinum is particularly suitable where delegates’ direct-reports attend New Impetus Platinum or Gold themselves.

Some (but not all) of the topics we’ll cover are:

  • Practical techniques that lead to corporate transformations in culture and performance
  • Evidence-based strategies for improving wellbeing, mental-health, and resilience
  • Developing your emotional intelligence to transform your leadership, business-development, and influencing skills
  • Achieving sustainable personal change and releasing your full potential
  • Organisational-development strategies to optimise engagement and talent management,

And much, much more.

This life-changing accelerator will allow you to achieve superior financial results, improved personal wellbeing, and stronger resilience within your organisation.

The Positive Profitability Co

Positivity & Change

Learn to use contemporary psychology for lasting optimal change in personal effectiveness, corporate results, wellbeing and human happiness.

Extraordinary Performers

Master practical techniques that lead to corporate transformations in profitability, sales, shareholder value growth, and talent attraction and retention.

Revolutionary Techniques

Learn the modern, evidence-based strategies for transforming personal happiness and wellbeing, creativity and innovation, resilience, and analytical and emotional intelligence.

Courageous Accountability

Explore how to encourage companies and individuals to address issues promptly, face up to tough choices, effectively hold others and themselves accountable, and dedicate themselves to targets.

Emotional Engagement

Understand how to release discretionary effort, acting as a magnet for talent, and dramatically improving corporate performance.

Positive Leaders

Master the skills to create positive emotional reactions in your followers, even when holding them to account, offering the opportunity for superior financial results and employee wellbeing.

Exceptional Outcomes

Harness the synergy between leadership behaviour, cultural values, and engagement, ultimately improving how leaders treat followers, colleagues treat each other, and employees treat the company.


A one-hour 1-2-1 mentoring session will allow you to share your successes and gain guidance and support from one of our experienced tutors.

New Impetus Diamond Online

Enjoy 12 months of access to our full accelerator content on our video-based learning portal.


Use our metrics to analyse behaviour, communication and influencing skills, and understand your signature strengths as well as your current ethos and aspirations for it.

How It Works

For 7 months you’ll get a one-day in-company live or live-online class each month that’ll send you on your way to greater positivity, productivity, profitability, wellbeing and mental-health. In month 8 you will receive an individual 1-2-1 mentoring session, and you’ll have 12 months’ on-demand access to the full New Impetus Diamond Online videos & resources.

Who is this course for?

This course is for entrepreneurs and leaders at every level, from entrepreneurial companies, to big international organisations. Whether you’re leading one or a thousand other employees, this intervention will show you how to optimise employee wellbeing and financial-results in harmony.

% of delegates reporting these benefits up to 17 years after New Impetus

  • Leadership & teamwork 77%
  • Positivity & resilience 80%
  • Wellbeing 71%
  • Self-esteem & owning issues 76%
  • Motivation & achievement 74%
  • Get Started

    Using our years of experience in business-specific positive psychology, we know how to ignite lasting change in your organisation, and what’s more, we’ll teach you how to do it yourself. Learn the secrets behind resonant leadership, peerless wellbeing, and positive profitability to drive corporate high-performance amongst your colleagues and in your business. Get in touch to welcome these results for your team.

      Graham is an exceptionally personable individual who delivers guaranteed results to businesses and individuals in performance improvement in all parts of their business, home and personal lives. The training is extremely effective, sustainable and most importantly evidence-based. Best of all it is delivered in a fun and creative manner and I would strongly recommend a conversation with Graham to establish how he may be able to assist you and your business.

      Mike Andrews Cost Management Consultant and Overhead Reduction Specialist

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