New Impetus Curriculum

All New Impetus accelerators include the following core content as well as bespoke material for each client's specific objectives

extraordinary performers

1. Optimising your psychology for extraordinary performance*
• High performance states & psychological resources that deliver superior financial results, increased resilience and enhanced wellbeing.
2. Cast-iron changes in behaviour & mindset*
• Rising above willpower failure to succeed with personal change via a cognitive behavioural approach.
3. Etching change into your neurons*
• 21st century neuroscience for embedding new habits & breaking old ones.
4. Calibrating the mind & brain for success
• Exploiting the evidence on how human beings self-programme their future outcomes.
5. Building wellbeing*
• The business case for wellbeing.
• Positive psychology techniques for boosting happiness and wellbeing.
6. Being in control*
• Mastering unconscious & autonomic game-changers to transform your effectiveness.
7. Full-power goal-getting
• Reliably achieving personal and corporate goals by focusing the full psychological resources required.


courageous accountability

8. Owning outcomes defeats learned helplessness
• Overcoming action-paralysis using leading-edge positive psychology.
9. Courageous accountability
• Empathetically holding others to account without fear or favour.


emotional engagement

10. Values, emotions & engagement
• Wining deep emotional engagement and attracting talent.
11. Leadership, engagement & discretionary effort
• The business case for enlightened leadership values.


positive leaders

12. Influencing for leaders*
• Contemporary insights into winning followership from colleagues and stakeholders.
13. Leading for profit & wellbeing
• Harnessing the synergy between humanistic commercial values & EBITDA.


exceptional outcomes

14. Creating exceptional outcomes
• Evidence based insights into why toxic cultures fail and a positive ethos wins.
15. Shaping the ethos*
• Creating and embedding the optimal ethos for achieving the corporation’s goals.


    * These lessons are included in New Impetus Highlights-Online
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