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Our qualified C-Level coaches and mentors have more than 20 years of experience in commercial leadership roles, meaning they have the knowledge and the expertise to guide you towards the goals you’re striving to reach. Coming onboard with our mentoring programmes will bring a plethora of benefits, and not just within your career, on a personal level too.


Workplace benefits of a mentoring programme with The Positive Profitability Co include:

  • Your career: Welcome options and opportunities, whilst being able to spot and overcome any threats. You’ll be better equipped to build a strategy for your own development, as well as find a productive home-work balance.
  • Your leadership effectiveness: Channel resonant leadership and inspire engagement, especially when leading through change, such as a promotion or M&A activity.
  • Your direct reports: Feel confident making hire, keep, and fire judgements, as well as reassignments and promotions.
  • Your finance: Curate an attractive exit strategy, M&A choices, and management buyout, and buy-in options, all whilst building meaningful, productive, and profitable outcomes.


Personal effectiveness benefits you can expect to see with our mentoring include:

  • Personal accomplishment: Learn the art of sustaining change, even when you’re being tested, letting you achieve more of your goals.
  • Influencing: Master relationship management, resonant leadership and followship engagement, all whilst nurturing your stakeholder relations, and finetuning your negotiation skills.
  • Wellbeing: Welcome increased happiness, a more streamlined flow, the benefits of mindfulness, and being able to balance your emotions and relationships.

Resilience: Improve stress management, boost positivity, and build grounded optimism, emotional control, and energy for a calmer and more productive day-to-day life.

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Using our years of experience in business-specific positive psychology, we know how to ignite lasting change in your organisation, and what’s more, we’ll teach you how to do it yourself. Learn the secrets behind resonant leadership, peerless wellbeing, and positive profitability to drive corporate high-performance amongst your colleagues and in your business. Get in touch to welcome these results for your team.

    Graham is unique, expert in his field and has a wealth of invaluable first hand business experience. I got lucky and was able to persuade him to act as my personal coach at a time when I needed development, a sounding board and an intelligent, articulate advisor. Graham’s intellect is prodigious and his style, whilst bundled in good humour is personally very challenging and enormously effective. Graham was able to help me make some monumental career decisions and I would not be enjoying my career as I am without his interventions.

    Adrian Harvey MD at British Gas Domestic, MD at Eon Property Services, and Entrepreneur

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