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The Human Factor in Optimising Sales Growth

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Despite many advances in sales technology the human factor is still the key.

A free 45-minute online masterclass for CEOs, MDs, CPOs, Sales leads
June 21st 2022, 10:00 BST (GMT +1)


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Because we’ll go over why the human factor is still key, and how optimising your sales professionals’ psychology for high performance still gives the best ROI. And an edge over your competition.

It’s easy to lose sight of the human factor with so many innovations in selling technology and channels. You’ve probably mastered everything relevant to you: automation, AI, big data, advanced analytics, automation, ..social selling, selling by objectives…


This masterclass is for those people who want more.

Most sales professionals know the 4 characteristics essential to peak sales performance. Yet most still aren’t able to sustain them. We’ll highlight what they are, explain their psychological importance, and more importantly, overview how to embed this powerful quartet of behaviours as your sales teams’ go-to autopilot approach.

Including one that’s statistically associated with 57% greater sales than those who lack it.

And we’ll introduce two skills that, even if your marketing and sales managers and teams know of, they probably undervalue. Because if they didn’t you frankly wouldn’t be considering a masterclass on sales improvement.
That’s a strong assertion. Judge for yourself:

research shows that just one of these power-mindsets delivers 500%-667% higher sales.


Better. By an order of magnitude…

…the six skills are why over 22 years the average sales improvement we have achieved for our clients is 57%.


Faster …

…usually we’ve done that within less than a year.

These six values-based elements of selling with Grace should run through all your company’s actions and communications spoken automated or in writing.

And upskilling your existing teams gives a far better ROI than recruiting & training more people (HBR)21sr=t21st. And is much less frustrating than trying to find additional talent in the current employment market.


Could you join us for fast-acting, game-changing results?


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