A one-day online course to help you achieve the level of happiness you deserve!

26th November 2021 10.00am – 16.00pm GMT

The programme draws on the New Impetus approach to achieving change in how humans think, feel and behave. It is specifically designed for people who have attended one of our programmes. You’ll get to relive elements of New Impetus from a different angle!

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    1 – What does the day cover?

    Our level of happiness is not something we have to accept. It’s a learnable state, so there’s a lot we can do to improve it. Whatever you starting point, you can have more happiness in your life as a matter of course.

    Using exercises & techniques based on breakthrough achievements of Positive Psychology over the last 20 years you will learn how to:

    • Set yourself free from things in your past that make you unhappy
    • Build and boost your every-day happiness in real-time
    • Feel happier and more optimistic about the future.

    The day also includes:

    • The neurochemistry of Happiness
    • What happiness is and how to improve it
    • Nature versus nurture: how much can we change our set level of happiness?
    • Relationships and happiness
    • Sustaining happiness over a whole life.

    2 – Who should attend?

    • Anyone who would like to feel happier!
    • People needing a little extra help recovering from the effects of the last 20 months
    • Corporate teams wanting to recover their edge or boost their wellbeing
    • Business owners and their teams looking for greater resilience and improved performance
    • HR teams interested in supporting employee mental health and wellbeing

    3 – How will you benefit from attending?

    Happier people don’t just feel better, the scientifically proven benefits of happiness are almost too many to list!

    When we are happier humans are:

    • Better at decisions

    • More productive
    • Set more stretching goals (and are better at getting them)
    • Better at relationships

    And we have more:

    • Empathy & altruism
    • Fulfilment & life-satisfaction
    • Persistence
    • And we earn more

    In mental and physical health terms we:

    • Are 50% less likely to become disabled after retirement
    • Live 9 years longer
    • Have lower blood pressure & stronger immune systems
    • Have an amazing 88% lower risk of depression

    And generally enjoy better wellbeing and greater resilience

    Who is running the day?

    Meet Henrik Hansen

    Managing Director of GKP Denmark

    Secure your place

    We will invoice you £295 + VAT pp once we confirm your place

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