Extrovert or introvert in sales?

You’ll have seen the research we tweeted which concluded that the ability to switch between the two is the key to effective sales skills.

Those of you who are familiar with my take on selling will know my love of simplicity and self imposed mission to demystify sales and leadership. The reason we like this piece is that it falls right into the Grace model, which is simplicity itself.

If it’s new to you, GKP’s Grace model is based on the overwhelming body of work that shows the most important thing a sales professional (or any would be influencer) can do is to manage their emotional impact on the other party. Grace combines empathy, resonance, optimism, and caring about both party’s self-esteem – thus guaranteeing positive emotional affect.

Switching from extrovert to introvert, or vice versa, in response to the needs and reactions of the other party is absolutely a combination of empathy & resonance. Empathy in this context is seeing it their way & sensing their reactions; resonance is triggering positive emotion, avoiding the opposite. If they need you to take the lead, liven things up, amuse & entertain them: go extravert. If they need quiet time to reflect undisturbed, or to gently process what you’re saying, go the other way. If you’re making them less than comfortable with one style, switch to the other.

So you could say this is another example of the many ways Gracious sales professionals flex their style to put their potential client at ease. By changing pace, communication style, detail/bottom line, tasks/emotions, people/business. Extrovert/introvert. And so on.

Nice piece of work.

And lets keep it really simple. Make them feel good around you; they’ll want you to be a supplier. Make them feel the other way, you won’t get past step one.

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