Mental health or profitability: a false dilemma?

How to protect and build mental health, wellbeing, profits and growth in synergy

A free 45-minute online masterclass
for CXOs, entrepreneurs & leaders

26th January 2022, 10:30am GMT

In these testing post-lockdown times change is rife. People are re-evaluating their choices on the balance between work-life and home-life, career and family. We are facing a second pandemic in mental health, and disengagement is soaring to 80% (Gallup).

This creates poignant new challenges for enlightened leaders who want to both meet their business targets and care for their people. Especially as many are simultaneously re-appraising their own life choices and wellbeing.

This masterclass overviews what business-specific positive-psychology has discovered to help us navigate these unprecedented challenges. It has four themes:


How to optimise the single factor that builds resilience, delivers happiness, & increases wellbeing…

…at the same time as increasing revenues, profits, and growth


Why it matters that we have the role of stress and strain the wrong way round – especially as Gallup reports it’s affecting 43% of employees globally


How to succeed with personal change, given that the world is full of people who have not succeeded with it despite decades of effort…

…and that similar issues explain why 75% of values-centered business-change initiatives fail


How to achieve the harmony between cultural values, leadership behaviours, and employee engagement that engenders happiness and wellbeing.

This briefing will be delivered by Graham Keen, a plc CFO turned business-specific positive psychologist, and amazon #1 best-selling author in management science

The business world is facing three pandemics not one:

COVID, anxiety/depression, and employee disengagement

Positive-psychology can help with the last two

Highly-effective evidence-based approaches to recovery from the impact of COVID, or to seizing current opportunities are readily available

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