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Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver both supreme financial-performance and peerless employee wellbeing by harnessing the synergy between them by deploying applied psychology and our wealth of experience in finance and business. Simply put, our mission is to teach our clients how to be more successful. Our New Impetus Accelerators transform human performance, boosting positivity, productivity, and profitability. Since we went into business 20 years ago, we’ve succeeded every time.


Our Story

For over twenty years, we’ve been helping our clients to be more successful through classroom-based interventions, mentoring, and keynote speaking. Specialising in transforming human performance in sales, engagement, motivation, Zest, and EBITDA, our evidence-based performance accelerators release individual potential and improve profits, whilst delivering change that sticks.


Our track-record of resounding success means that our clients and their teams become profoundly happier and more productive, quickly building profitability. Organisational performance and competitive advantage improve dramatically, optimising both shareholder returns and potential roll-over and exit values.


We’ve continuously developed and reported on the impact of our accelerators, and our surveys show that 15 years down the line, our clients are still experiencing improved people skills, positivity, resilience, wellbeing, self-esteem, and drive. We’re proud of the fact that since 2000, we have achieved 100% of our clients’ set objectives.


Our Values

We are passionately committed to living by our values:

Strong: bold, challenging, brave, tough-love

Warm: loving, friendly, positive, happy, fun

Genuine: honest, frank, open, substance, integrity

Inspirational: fearless, energetic, passionate, motivating, leaders

Excellent: unique, cutting-edge, evidence-based, professional, effective


We’re proud to use our values to lastingly improve businesses and profits, as well as transform lives and wellbeing.


Our Purpose

We exist to inspire and to help build businesses and leadership teams. Our specialisms include:

  • Building businesses that are achieving exemplary financial performance in synergy with peerless wellbeing.
  • Encouraging companies that are creating superior returns for their shareholders and employees, as well as delivering excellence to their partners and customers.
  • Developing resonant leadership teams who believe that being empowered is a fundamental human right, and whose ethos is grounded in admirable values.
  • Growing organisations whose people own outcomes and share the corporate goals.
  • Empowering companies and people with a deep belief in, and commitment to delivering, the future of their choice.


We teach everyone from C-level to sea level how to:

  • Become hopeful, positive, full-potential performers who are resilient, grounded optimists with excellent self-esteem.
  • Feel rewarded by their job, fulfilled in their personal life, and in control of their outcomes and mental-health.
  • Master wellbeing, behavioural change, and helplessness, and know how to optimise their own psychology to release their full potential and impact others positively.
  • Manifest the confidence and courage to appropriately hold themselves and others to account with empathy and strength.


Our Clients

We want our clients to engage us because of a compelling business case: investing in our services being justified by generous financial returns. So we put a lot of effort into keeping up with research that can be applied commercially and our methods are constantly evolving and improving.

Delegates are always telling us our interventions have been life-changing. They talk about confidence, resilience, happiness, effectiveness, leadership. We have many former junior execs now in the C-suite, some as CEO, who thank us for our massive contribution to their success.

We're proud of our team

Meet Graham Keen

Founder & CEO

Meet Katy Sands

Marketing Director

Meet Raafea Zaheer

Global Business Development Manager

Meet Jane Walmsley

Courses Manager

Meet Henrik Hansen

Managing Director of TPPC Denmark

Meet David Hallas

Managing Partner, TPPC South Africa

Meet Matthew Keen

Consulting Director

Meet Guy Munnoch

Managing Partner of Rupert Morgan LTD

Meet Steve Ramsdale

Finance Director

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I have worked with Graham on 3 occasions within my business. The positive results he has had with key members of my team have been without doubt one of the most significant contributors to the successful growth of the company. If you want people to genuinely strive for the best they can be, then I think that the programmes run by Graham provide the framework and tools/techniques to achieve this, delivered in an inspiring and highly motivational way.

Lionel Grant Managing Director at Bennett Architectural Aluminium Solutions Ltd

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