Life-changing Business Accelerators for Leaders at All Levels

Business-specific positive psychology to achieve sector-leading profits and peerless wellbeing in harmony

Our founder is a business psychologist with a CFO and M&A background. We create long-lasting positive change for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and major corporates.

We create exceptional business outcomes by delivering:

Accelerated Revenue Growth | Improved Profitability  | Emotional Engagement
| Values-centred Leadership | Culture & Ethos Change 

We create exceptional personal outcomes by delivering:

Optimal Individual Performance | Resilience | Happiness & Wellbeing | Excellence in Influencing | Positivity & Grounded Optimism

The Positive Profitability Co

What is an Accelerator?

New Impetus Accelerators are evidence-based blended-learning programmes for personal and organisational development, combining monthly live classes and on-demand online videos and resources, over 3-12 months.


They enable you to realise full individual potential, improve profits, build wellbeing, support mental health, instil a values based ethos, and experience change that sticks. Talent attraction and retention build, and corporate results and competitive advantage improve. Thus optimising shareholder returns, individual careers, and potential exit values.

New Impetus Diamond

Our maximum effect accelerator partners senior and intermediate leaders for 12 months.

New Impetus Platinum

Our more rapid 8-month accelerator for achieving strategic impact on leaders of all levels.

New Impetus Gold

Our fastest accelerator partners delegates for 3 months.

New Impetus Portal

Our three do-it-yourself online-only accelerators are for leaders and colleagues alike.

How we work


We start with your top leadership team in live or live-online classes over twelve, eight, or three months, developing their mastery of the drivers of stand-out corporate performance and wellbeing.

Extended Leadership

Then concurrently, or in sequence, we use the same interventions to cascade the learning to the next levels.

Leaders’ Direct Reports & Teams

Receive early in the process, live or live-online Highlights seminars to familiarise your team, win their buy-in, and secure their support with our New Impetus Diamond intervention.

Leaders & Colleagues

Receive access to our video-based online portal covering the material you and your team experienced live or live-online.

Our founder’s best-selling book is now available, filled with psychological insights into maximising profitability and wellbeing in your workplace. Learn how to deploy the five drivers of standout high-performance through our evidence-based strategies and techniques that will deliver lasting change, secure the stability and growth of your organisation, and boost your career, happiness, and power to help in the world.

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Graham is by far the best organisational development consultant we have had the pleasure to work with. He has worked closely with individual members of management and the sales team, bringing about a sustained change in performance in these individuals. The results have positively impacted our bottom line and the changes in the team have been long-term. This is the only way to do business and it makes it fun as well!

John Lindsay European Distributor Sales Manager at Bridgestone Firestone Diversified Products

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